Thursday, January 21, 2010

Millions of loved ones lost

Haiti has just experienced a horrible tragedy, an earthquake where millions of loved ones were lost. This earthquake was the most powerful to hit Haiti in century's, this all happened before 5 p.m. on Tuesday. This earthquake was so strong eastern Cuba could feel it strongly this was more than 200 miles away.
When this happened a huge plum of dust rose over the city and stayed like that for 20 minutes nothing could be seen. Hospitals, buildings, and houses were all destroyed. There is no exact amount of how many people dead or wounded but they think it's between 100 and 200,000.
The US and UK sent rescuers immediately after the quake and they have managed to save many lives. The US and international teams have rescued 122 people and the Haitians have rescued many others. Haiti was already known as one of the poorest countries and now they are looking to the rest of the world for basic survival needs.

How I will improve myself

Doing blogs is helping me with my writing. I feel more confident in my self I actually feel like i can do it. I feel like I also have improved in my spelling my writing ability. I like doing blogs because when I'm reading a book I really like I can write about and talk about what I liked the about it. With me doing this it's also getting many others interested in the book's I'm reading to and maybe getting them to read them.
My goal's for the rest of the year is to improve even more on my blogs, become a better writer, reader so I can write more blogs.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Jerry,

Dear Jerry,
I'm sorry I can't be there for you and help you out with your problems, but I want you to go on with your life, be happy go to college, don't do anything stupid like I did and please "think about all the tomorrows of your life" there are so many left, and always remember I love you and you'll always be in my heart.