Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I feel like poetry Friday has helped me become a better writer. I feel more confident in my writing and what I write about. The poems we do on poetry Friday always inspire me and help me write something new. I do feel like there is more I have to learn to become a better writer but I'm positive it will happen thanks to poetry Friday.


A book that I read for SSR is called Marked. The book marked is about a girl named Zoey who is just an average girl who is in high school has a popular boyfriend and many friends, but that all changed one day while she was at school and a tracker was there and marked her. She had no idea why she got chosen to be marked but there was no changing it. Once she gets home and her mother See's the mark she calls Zoey's step dad and once he got home they got in a huge argument. Then Zoey went to her room and snuck out her window and went to see her grandma redbird who she tells everything to, but once she got there she started feeling funny and passed out. While she was out of it she ended up seeing the nix the goddess and she kissed Zoey on the head and told her she was spacial and she wanted her to be her eyes and ears at the house of night. Once she woke up she was with her grandma at the house of night which is a school for vampire's, and there she meant neffert the leader of the house of night and now her mentor. This is an awesome book so who every is into vampire's should defiantly read this book and all the series to it.