Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Born Intolerant

I was born intolerant

There was this one time where I was watching TV and my sister was in the kitchen listening to music and it was up really loud and I couldn't hear or focus on the show I was watching so I got really angry and started yelling at her and she just turned it up louder and the next thing I know I don't realize what I'm doing anymore it's almost as if I'm another person and I black out and the next thing I know I'm picking up a ceramic and getting ready to throw it at her.

Friday, May 21, 2010


The tattoo that I want to get is of stars big and little ones and have swirls of wind in between some of the stars. I want it to start from the middle of my back and go to my lower and then go around my side. This tattoo is going to be big and cover most my back it’s going to just be a black outline with no color. The reason I want to get it this tattoo is cause it’s fun and interesting and it also seems magical.