Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book review of Chosen by, p.c. cast + kristin cast

The book I read for SSR was the book Chosen by P.C Cast + Kristin Cast, this is the third series of the house of night novel's. It is about a girl named Zoey who got marked and turned into a vampire she is a fledging in the house of night, and also became the leader of the dark daughters which is a ritual they do at the house of night. At one of the dark daughters ritual Zoey's best friend Stevie Rae started to cough a lot then started coughing up blood which this happens to vampires that don't complete the change into an adult vampire. When this happens they have to go get Neferet the goddess of the house of night and she will give the person that's not completing the change some type of medicine to help them not suffer but really what it does is make them become undead and turn into a nasty creature that feeds off of humans. When Zoey found out that Stevie Rae was still alive but undead she tried to save her and get her humanity back enough so that she could be the person and best friend that she knew before. After she found Stevie Rae and talked to her she found out who made Stevie Rae that way, she found out it was Neferet. Once Neferet found out that Zoey knew she tried wiping her memory of everything she saw but because Zoey has such strong gifts from Nix she managed to use her gifts to undo what Neferet did.
The length of the book isn't bad it might look really long but once you start reading it you will really get into it so it will feel like your reading it really fast.

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